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  • Discover TRCA's locations and our events and activities
  • Adult / Senior based learning
  • Seasonal and weekly Child/Youth Camps
  • Outdoor Nature School
  • Family learning activities
  • Get involved or volunteer with TRCA to make a difference!
  • Sustainable Neighbourhoods in the GTA
  • Conferences and other development opportunities
  • Explore how research on green infrastructure and water conservation (e.g., urban forests and permeable pavements) is applied to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly urban spaces.
  • Discover the latest climate adaptation and mitigation research and projects that can help build resilient, sustainable communities.
  • Learn how TRCA monitors the health of our environment, and the research being done to understand how human activities and climate change affect it.
  • Stay informed about the current plans to best protect, restore, and enhance the environment in TRCA’s nine watersheds.